Over-The-Top (OTT) Broadcasting

When content producers need to engage viewers reliably on as many devices and platforms possible, they turn to us.

Bounce Multimedia is the only true end-to-end web-broadcasting transmission company in the southern 48. We have the ability to acquire your production with our state of the art TV production equipment including our robust production trucks, then distribute it simultaneously to any number of different platforms designed for both live and on-demand viewing utilizing services such as Facebook, YouTube or by utilizing custom designed in-house built apps for your productions on services such as Roku, Amazon Fire, ChromeCast, iPhone/iPad, Apple TV, Android Phones and devices, and even your website.

Our unique OTT (Over the top) platform and product offerings provides an advantage in your market over your competition. You will be able to effectively stream and engage a larger audience, control content and advertisers using the most popular television platforms on the market today.

What is OTT? You may or may not have heard of OTT. OTT describes video playback devices that users can purchase and install for their television (or may already be embedded in their smart TV). The OTT device is connected by internet and content is served by custom designed end user applications or hardware.

Utilizing the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we offer a highly scale-able solution from one viewer, to one million viewers, mobile devices to big screen televisions without massive network congestion thanks to our unique bandwidth control system to reduce buffering on clients players. Our product is custom tailored for sports networks, universities, religious organizations, corporate conferences and webinars, content aggregators and producers.

Allow our winning team to show the difference we can make from start to finish for your next production. With our producers and directors, and network of freelance broadcast personnel; we have the know-how and resources to professionally produce the most popular sports, corporate, and religious events. Our engineers have exhaustive experience in transmission from IP, satellite, and bonded cellular solutions to help provide a great experience for your viewers. We would love to consult with you to provide great opportunities to get your content out to the masses at affordable costs and take all the worry and frustration out of building your OTT application.

Some Features that make our products stand out from others:
- Custom Branding & GUI Interface; Skin your application and make it your own.
- End to End Secure Video transmission and encryption using the highest standards and best practices.
- DRM and HDCP: Protect your content from illegal duplication.
- Ability to deploy multiple live streams & video on demand (VOD) content
- Proprietary Automatic Bandwidth Detection to avoid buffering issues and quality of service to end-users.
- Ability to upload Teaser Thumbnail Image, enter in feature description & title, enter in advanced meta-data
- Category listing and sorting for users to filter content
- Search Capabilities
- Youtube Content to OTT: We can easily and quickly transfer existing youtube content to your OTT service automatically!
- Push Live Content from our network to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope
- Push VOD Content from our network to YouTube
- Advanced Unique Device Provisioning System to allow only authorized users, subscribers, and purchased users access to content in a pay-per-view or authorization scheme.
- License content to unique devices to prevent unauthorized access or login sharing.
- PPV/Subscription Payment portal: Allow your Drupal site (or us) to handle payments of your content.
- Support for Drupal version 7
- Advanced Reporting Capabilities - See who, what, and where people are viewing your content, when, and for how long.
- Central Database - One Database, Multiple Platforms, avoid all the trouble of handling different codecs, web only versions, and deploying on multiple devices. Upload content once, configure content, then enjoy.
- NEW! Roku Master Search: Individual content such as TV shows, movies, and cast members you create can be more accessible to a worldwide audience.
- Optional VAST 2.0 Support: VAST is a protocol to allow advertising insertion in your videos. You can supply advertising content with full reporting capabilities, or designate a third party advertiser to be packaged with your application, allowing monetization of your OTT app.
- Custom Feature Development: Have something new or unique, contact us. We would be happy to provide you pricing to integrate your solution

Call us today (409) 860-5551 or email sales@bouncemultimedia.com today!

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