Affordable Studios for Any Project

From Photography, Videography, Zoom Hybrid Events, Podcasting, to Audio Recording, our unique space located minutes away from Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is your destination for affordable yet flexible production needs. With our 20' Tall Green Screen, you can be the star of your own produce polished events for streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, or your own services. Our dedicated 1GBPS down and 1GBPS up fiber optic connection ensures buffer free, quality streaming systems. You have enough to worry about with your project, so we handle all the technical work, studio setup, editing, streaming, and publishing; leaving you to focus on the vision of your project.

Our air conditioned studio space is also equipped with professional lighting grid, makeup/changing areas, shop space, LED Wall, two Control rooms for audio and video recording/editing/mixing, wireless microphones, digital "DANTE" audio workflow, green screen, cyc wall, and several prop sets to choose from. We also have conference area, talent staging area (Green Room), atmospheric fog, teleprompter & closed captioning services.

We are positive you will find great value, professionalism, quality gear, and affordable pricing in working with our studio verses other studio spaces in the area. Give us a call when you have big or small projects requiring studio facilities. We are happy to consult and offer our best options and pricing to help you get the look and feel you are needing.

Contact us to consult with your next project.


Grand Opening!

We cannot begin to express the gratitude and appreciate for all that showed up or sent well wishes for our big grand opening event. I know that without the support of you, our customers and vendors, there would be no "Bounce Multimedia", and we don't take that lightly. We appreciate everyone for everything, the referrals, the trust, and our vendors that work tirelessly to make our events successful. The evening wasn't about us, but about everyone that believed in what we were doing. We hope all that visited, enjoyed the evening, Kate Watson's camp completely rocked it on the stage, and was a treat that far exceeded our expectations, the pictures do it no justice to the amount of people in attendance throughout the evening. Since day one, we set out to create a company with honesty, integrity, and fairness to all my customers and vendors... And we still use that as our guiding compass today... Here's to many more years of serving our industry, customers, and community. Thanks again!


New Dealer Alert: Shure

Bounce Multimedia Announces it is now a Shure dealer. After extensively using Shure products and recommending them to countless houses of worship, concert production groups, and other events needing critical, time tested, audio systems. We are happy to announce our acceptance in the Shure dealer network. This will provide our existing customers using Shure products with the best reliable support, service, and continued upgrades for years to come.

We proudly use the products we sell, including the new Shure Axient line of digital wireless microphones, these systems have DANTE built into the audio infrastructure and offer our customers unrivaled audio quality. The system utilizes the entire UHF frequency spectrum, guaranteeing quality RF signal, with little dropouts or noise.

Shure’s customer service principles closely align with Bounce Multimedia’s to provide the best possible user experience and quality possible. If you are looking to rent or purchase new wireless microphones and other quality microphone equipment, Contact us, for a trouble free quote.


New Product Alert! Camera Prompter & Software!

Bounce Multimedia now owns and provides rental for Telescript ProNews Prompter Software and 19" Prompter Monitoring Systems available for your next production. Industry Standard telescript software interfaces directly with closed captioning encoding equipment (that we own) to help the hearing impaired on internet streams. The system also makes the same subtitles you see on my popular television programs. We also have the software to interface with AP ENPS, iNews, and other MOS newsroom equipment creating an end-to-end seamless system for prompting news productions. Stay in FCC Compliance for Closed Captioning or Just Help Your Talent read their message correctly and accurately. Contact us today for a low cost rental of our prompter system for your next production.


Test Tools Any Video Technician Needs

We cannot express how important it is to use test tools to verify signal flow in a production. We decided to write an article showing our top testing tools in our arsenal. These help us quickly diagnose problems and quickly get a production to air without testing tools, you're flying blind, and in some cases living dangerous!

- QBox, this is our #1 Go to! It is an audio tester with a speaker and is also a tone generator, you can visually see voltage for powered XLR intercom packs as well as phantom power on lines, helping identify signal loss or missing pairs.
- Fluke Multi-meter, we don't trust any other multimeter, this is handy for checking resistance, continuity, AC and DC Voltage and Amp Draw.
- Visual Fault Indicator: Use this for Fiber Optic Lines to help ID where a fiber line is going or if it isn't make it back to the other end.
- Battery Operated Test Monitor. We use a monitor that has not only HDSDI but also HDMI on it to verify connection.
- TDR, we use a cable fault finder for testing coax and triax lines. These units show the estimated length of a cable and can help you find out how far a fault is. They also have optical TDR available as well
- Fiber Scope, See the cleanliness of a fiber connection to help you avoid signal loss.
- Fiber Meter: Know if there is any signal loss in a line and if a fiber line should be cleaned
- RS-232 Data Tester: Know if data is properly making it to the score board application and if a NULL Modem is necessary.
- AES QBox: Similar to the QBox except for AES balanced and unbalanced applications.
- DT12 Tester: Test DT-12 Cable and find faults
- Triax Tester: Used extensively in triax cable repair. We recommend always testing a triax cable with a live hand-held camera before deploying.
- XLR Tester: Find faults with an XLR Tester. We use this if a cable is suspected to be bad and is brought back to us for further testing. However, a QBox works best when in the field.

There are many more items for test equipment and may vary depending on operation. We'd love to hear your thoughts if our guides are helpful or if you have anything you wish to add! Click the Contact us page to reach out to us!


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