Unit B - John 40' Straight 4K Broadcast TV Truck

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Recently Upgraded!

When searching for a professional and flexible production solution, look no further than Bounce Multimedia. Our mobile television truck is designed to handle a range of productions, from small high school events to regional broadcast network sports. With its quick deployment capabilities, it's perfect for smaller productions that require fast setup times. Our team will ensure that our truck is easy to operate and your crew will appreciate the ease of use. We understand that productions are critical and redundancy is a must, you can count on our mobile unit to handle the job. We are proud to be Texas' leader in independent mobile tv truck remote facilities. Contact us today to learn more about our television truck and how we can help bring your production to the next level. Whether you need a quick deployment for a high school sports event or a more complex production for a regional broadcast network, we're here to help.

Production Systems
Ross Carbonite 2ME Switcher
Still Store Built In
Omega Fast Forward Dual Channel w/ Lance Controller

VizRT Dual Channel (FOX and ESPN Compatible)
Chyron Duet 2-Channel - 5.25
Monitor Wall:2 Multiviews

Studio Cameras
5 HXC-100 Cameras (Any combination of Hard/Handheld)

1 Canon 70x
2 Canon 45x

3 VINTEN Vector 70 pan heads
3 ITE heavy duty tripods
2 VINTEN vision 12 tripods

Portable Lighting
1 LOWELL Light kit 5 Omni's
Dracast LED Light Kit available upon request

DDR & Tape
6 Channel EVS. 4 In - 2 Out Configuration
2 AJA KiPros
2 DVD Recorder units

RTS ADAM 64 Port System
RTS 12 Powered 2-Wire channels, 4 IFB channels
RTS Source Assign Panel (26 port)
1 RTS 8 Channel IFB
2 RTS KP32
6 RTS KP12
8 Telex PH-8 light weight headsets
4 Daltech Announce Boxes
4 IFB- RTS 4030's
9 RTS BP-325 Dual Channel Beltpacks
9 single & dual muff BEYERDYNAMIC headsets
5 UHF Radio’s (walkie talkies)
4 line Avaya Partner II phone system

55 Channel, 32 Fader, Soundcraft Performer 3 w/ MADI & DANTE Cards
2 Genelec powered monitors
1 Digicart w/ remote control
1 CD Player
2 GENTNERS SPA-3 phone couplers
2 RTS TIF Interfaces
8 96 point bantam patch bays

4 Sennheiser HMD 26-II talent headsets
2 Sennheiser MD46
2 Sony ECM-77 Lavs
2 Audio Technica AT8035
4 Audio Technica AT897
**Big Ears Available upon Request

32x32 Utah Scientific HD-SDI Router
6 RTR heads
23 Audio DA’s
13 Video Patch bays
1 Leader Wav/vec scope

Misc Gear
2500’+ Triax Camera Cable
1250’+ DT-12 Audio Mults with Fan-outs & Boxes
175’ Power Feeder Cable per leg (Single Phase 2 Hots, 1 Ground/Neutral)
1340’ of Coax, XLR, Short Triax
4 - Throwdown LCD Monitors