Rodeos Production & Big Screen LED Jumbotrons

Professional Rodeo LED Screens, Scoreboards, & Leaderboards

Bounce Multimedia has the experience and know how to produce quality rodeo footage suitable for broadcast on networks such as ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS, Cowboy Channel, RFDTV, and online networks.
We can provide LED Walls/Jumbotrons and incorporate times and judges scoring. As us today how we can incorporate sponsor logos, commercials, and other graphical elements to make your next production better.

LED Jumbotron Wall

LED Jumbotron Wall

Our LED Screen is customizable for the size of the arena and the room. From big to small, we have it all, and can even duplicate the image multiple ways on multiple panels based upon the arrangement of your room.

Distribution Deals

Our connections and relationships with many TV networks and platforms make us a solid choice at negotiating and getting your rodeo out to the masses on video on demand channels, as well as linear cable and satellite TV channels. Choose our experience with negotiation with your local media entities and outlets to expand the viewership of your event. See the video to the right for an example of how we negotiated rights with Houston TV Station - KBPX - The NuDu

Promotion and ROI

We love to help rodeos offset our production costs by providing many different commercial inventory options during the performance. Ads can be placed in broadcast, during replays, during leaderboard screens, and of course commercial advertisements can be played where appropriate. We also can use the power of social media to engage audiences on the jumbotron, with giveaways, or virtual shout-outs, which will appear on the board. See the video to the left of some sample inventory options available for your rodeo event.

Scoring Systems

Our video productions started out needing a leaderboard component, our research and development team led to an unintended product offering, allowing fans and athletes to see in real time the scores, participants, and leaderboard of each competitor for an event. This showed what was at stake and making each competition more exciting to both the competitors and spectators.


Our network of professional camera operating crews and the use of our broadcast network quality production trucks make us an easy choice when it comes to production values and selling the story of your event. From quality replays, highlight edit reels, to quality commercial production and graphic work. We have the means of producing memorable, eye-catching, award winning production that your fans and sponsors will remember for years to come.


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