City Dance - 2015 Showcase HD-Blu-Ray

$64.99(Inc. Tax)

This year we are featuring a BluRay High Definition version of the recital. This will feature our traditional broadcast and widescreen versions combined onto one disc. The advantages include amazing clarity and quality that no one in the Beaumont area can reproduce! If you have any questions about our HD Discs this year, please feel free to contact us.

Notice: These discs will only work in HD BluRay players or Playstation4. XBOX360 or XBOXONE Support may or may not be supported.

    PLEASE NOTE: If your dancer performs on both Friday and Saturday night in different routines for each night, consider choosing the DVD that includes both Friday and Saturday night’s cast.

If you choose to purchase the Friday and Saturday night show Combo disk, the FRIDAY AND SATURDAY CASTS WILL BE INCLUDED on the DVD for the following routines:
In Summer” – Frozen
“Boots” – Puss in Boots
“I Dream of You” – Snow White
“Tale as Old as Time” – Beauty and the Beast
“Under the Sea” – The Little Mermaid
“Over the Rainbow” – Wizard of Oz
“Friend Like Me” - Aladdin
“The Working Song” - Cinderella
“Magic Beans” – Jack and the Beanstalk
“Where Dreams Begin”
“Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf”
“Let Your Heart Sing” - Tinkerbell
“Marry You” – Inspired by Fairy Tale Weddings
“All I Do Is Dream of You” – Sleeping Beauty
“Do You Believe in Magic”
“Royal Ball” - Cinderella

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