The importance in efficiency

When it comes to TV Productions. I have always had a mantra of "Professional but Easy and Fun" for not only our customers but our staff as well. This mindset has allowed me to come up with some creative ideas about how we can provide the best solution. I have noticed as productions have become more advanced, that the need to have more production equipment inside of our broadcast booth where our announcers and other crew members are staged. So we set out to be one of the few truck companies to have a fiber booth kit pre-wired with common connections typically used in most of our productions. I chose to allow 4 2-Wire Beltpack channels, 8 IFB Lines, 8 Microphone Inputs, 8 Line Inputs and a Studio Announce to be added into the kit.

Then came ease of use, flexibility and reliability. With that, We set out to make it operational on a single 300' cat5 ethernet line. Which worked great... But what about power outages? In a separate box I added a UPS which allowed for 5 minutes of backup time in the event of an outage. Furthermore, our audio booth kit could operate off of two separate cat5 lines, enabling redundancy should a line be disconnected during show. Other features of our booth kit include, 2 program video lines (With HDSDI and HDMI), and 2 camera return lines back to the truck, for our robotic camera in the booth, eliminating an operator to be present in the booth. Also, full ethernet is served to the broadcast booth, to allow stats individuals and talent alike to use our truck internet, or to have connectivity to our truck for other purposes. Scoreboard Data only in the broadcast booth? No program, we can easily grab it down the same ethernet line.

What about cue cards for our talent? No problem, with either a chromecast or Apple TV the talent is read cue cards in real time (and the producer can edit on the fly too), saving a stage manager position which some of our customers request for... Our talent likes the ability to use the apple tv to watch other sports as well!

So you see, we set out to create the most dynamic broadcast booth in the market, and that is something we promise and will deliver to our customers at Bounce Multimedia LLC.

- Travis Brocato