Are All Streaming Services Created Equal?

In the new normal of Virtual Events, we often are asked about streaming services and how the product is delivered to the end user. We have seen the good the bad and ugly and have some recommendations for your next virtual event. As we provide custom mobile media for your next event... consider us for your next production whether in person, virtual, or a hybrid of both.

YouTube And Facebook
YouTube & Facebook is a solid choice for streaming, they are both popular platforms that are reliable and contain familiar controls for users. However, we have experiences where firewall and content filtering systems disable those sites even if they are contained 'embedded' on a website you own. Simplicity is key for live streaming and making the product harder to view for viewers will greatly increase the support required to assist viewers.

But! We have a solution!

Proprietary AWS Solution
We have worked countless productions offering a solution utilizing a scalable Amazon Web Services streaming platform model which will allow your event to scale from 1 to millions of viewers without struggle. Our system also allows backups stream paths in the event of encoder or internet failure. Although YouTube and Facebook are free solutions, the reliability you gain with our proprietary AWS solution provides custom mobile media solutions for your event at benefit that outweighs the cost.