7 Things to look for Engineers of TV Trucks

Engineers can make or break the show and are often the unsung heroes of any TV Production. When choosing a TV Truck company, age of the truck may not always be the best predictor of a successful show. We've listed some questions to ask your sales consultant when choosing a TV production truck. TV Trucks offer the flexibility over fly packs due to the ability to plug your connects and get started, leaving you to focus on your production.

  • What is the engineer's experience? Credentials, are a must as well as experience with gear, workflows, type of productions and more. Learn the size and capabilities of previous production facilities an engineer has worked on.
  • What is the number of shows he or she has completed? Number of shows shouldn't be the sole determining factor but would allow you to learn more about the engineer and their strengths and weaknesses.
  • What is the highest show experience they have worked, is it relevant to your production? Our engineers have worked on the highest level of productions in the US with titles and credentials that would be more than adequate for your production. Contact us to discuss how our experience in the industry and professionalism can make the difference with a successful production.
  • Will he or she serve multiple roles/duties on your production? We understand budgets are tight, sometimes engineer staff will need to combine multiple roles. Our sales staff will work with you and your client to determine the best plan of action when it comes to tight budgets on productions.
  • Is the engineer often on this mobile unit? A truck engineer familiar with the truck will be more more agile in setting up a show on a particular truck leading to a more successful show.
  • Is the engineer familiar with the show and client/network requirements? Every network has different requirements for video format, audio channels, graphic machines computers, replay codec requirements, and camera compliment. Having an engineer familiar with the event helps make an easier day for the crew and a better experience for above the line personnel.
  • Does the engineer frequently game plan in the event of equipment failures or situations? Trucks experiences issues due to their traveling nature. A good engineer can recognize failures and quickly repair or work around them so the production doesn't suffer. Good engineers are problem solvers and hard workers and will work tirelessly in an event. Our crew regularly goes through the "What if's" and the "scenarios". Proper training allows our engineers to calmly work through an issue with our customers to create a satisfactory resolution. Our production truck units are well maintained and are constantly checked before during and after events for failures or maintenance issues.

We have heard countless stories of trucks touted as the best possible, but supplied inadequate engineering staff which results in a difficult experience on location and sometimes catastrophy. Carefully choosing your truck, sales staff, production coordinator, and engineer all spell a recipe of success for your event. We are happy to convey our level of competency and earn your trust. Contact us today to see how we can make a difference on your next production