Test Tools Any Video Technician Needs

We cannot express how important it is to use test tools to verify signal flow in a production. We decided to write an article showing our top testing tools in our arsenal. These help us quickly diagnose problems and quickly get a production to air without testing tools, you're flying blind, and in some cases living dangerous!

- QBox, this is our #1 Go to! It is an audio tester with a speaker and is also a tone generator, you can visually see voltage for powered XLR intercom packs as well as phantom power on lines, helping identify signal loss or missing pairs.
- Fluke Multi-meter, we don't trust any other multimeter, this is handy for checking resistance, continuity, AC and DC Voltage and Amp Draw.
- Visual Fault Indicator: Use this for Fiber Optic Lines to help ID where a fiber line is going or if it isn't make it back to the other end.
- Battery Operated Test Monitor. We use a monitor that has not only HDSDI but also HDMI on it to verify connection.
- TDR, we use a cable fault finder for testing coax and triax lines. These units show the estimated length of a cable and can help you find out how far a fault is. They also have optical TDR available as well
- Fiber Scope, See the cleanliness of a fiber connection to help you avoid signal loss.
- Fiber Meter: Know if there is any signal loss in a line and if a fiber line should be cleaned
- RS-232 Data Tester: Know if data is properly making it to the score board application and if a NULL Modem is necessary.
- AES QBox: Similar to the QBox except for AES balanced and unbalanced applications.
- DT12 Tester: Test DT-12 Cable and find faults
- Triax Tester: Used extensively in triax cable repair. We recommend always testing a triax cable with a live hand-held camera before deploying.
- XLR Tester: Find faults with an XLR Tester. We use this if a cable is suspected to be bad and is brought back to us for further testing. However, a QBox works best when in the field.

There are many more items for test equipment and may vary depending on operation. We'd love to hear your thoughts if our guides are helpful or if you have anything you wish to add! Click the Contact us page to reach out to us!


Robotic Cameras Help With Productions during COVID

Do you have a production that needs to save money? Do you have a production that needs social distancing? If so this might be a good solution for a robotic PTZ camera solution. Bounce Multimedia can provide a 3 Camera Datavideo PTZ solution for your next production. Advantages include crew as little as 1 person to setup, operate, switch, and teardown the equipment saving your production countless dollars without sacrificing the production values that most viewers have come to expect. Reach out to us to learn about our solutions and how we can best provide you with the needs for your next production.


Bounce Multimedia Increases Graphics Capabilities with Xpression Graphics System

It is hard not to find a video production that does not use digital graphics. Bounce Multimedia has been setup to be a strategic production company to provide “any graphics system in any environment”. In addition to our VizRT Trio, Chyron, and ProPresenter graphic complement, we are now proud to announce our Ross Xpression system. This real-time 3D graphics system has all the bells and whistles required by top level broadcast networks, device integration, database capabilities, and is scalable to meet future broadcasting needs.

Bounce Multimedia is proud to offer this product into our arsenal and we look forward to serving our customers with more flexible and cost effective options for video graphics needs on future productions. Contact us today to see how our mobile production units can provide your production with the highest quality and affordable equipment.


Join Our Team!

Bounce Multimedia is experiencing tremendous growth with the resuming of events nationwide! We are seeking a creative to assist with editing, graphics, and other duties. Also we are accepting applications for a warehouse shop technician.

As a company that puts employees first, we strive to create a fun, goal oriented, and team work atmosphere... If you feel you or someone you know might be interested... visit the following links to see the job post...


DANTE Workflows in Sports Production

New and exciting advancements in broadcast and audio technology have helped pioneer new workflows for sports networks. DANTE is a closed-source protocol developed by Audinate. It allows a plethora of devices and audio formats to be connected seamlessly over a network. Once a DANTE network is deployed, you a free to pick and send audio from a pool of various devices. It is a very flexible workflow allowing connectivity like never before.

Bounce Multimedia has gone through the online DANTE training program and can successfully deploy these systems as well as consult about the best use cases for such deployments. The possibilities are endless from streaming audio from remote locations, easy computer multi-track records, quick access to concert audio stageboxes, professional announcer boxes, intercom connectivity, multichannel SDI Embed and deembeds, the list goes on and on! We have seen great success in our development with Focusright MADI to DANTE conversion, Ferrofish DANTE to MADI & Analog audio conversion, Unity Connect and Unity Intercom, ADAM Intercom with OMNEO, Frame Sync embedding and deembedding for REMI Solutions, Concert Audio "Digital" Snakes, computer audio, and more.

We understand our clients demand high quality, pristine audio, and flexibility in their products and workflows, so consult with us to see if DANTE audio is a good fit for your next project. We have many tools built into our arsenal that make your dream a budget conscious reality.


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