Bounce Provides Facilities for ESPN2 in 5.1 Surround

Saturday, November, 14th, 2020 Bounce Multimedia LLC Provides Production Services to local ESPN packager with 5.1 Surround Sound Transmission with help of Mobile Unit A - Matthew and Calrec Alpha-100 With Bluefin.

Watch the Replay on ESPN and see the difference or click below to see a highlight on Twitter.


HEVC/H.265 and Low Latency High Quality Streaming

Technology continues to make advances in video codecs and streaming. One method of streaming video is with the new H.265 or HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec). The advantages include transmission of better quality video at a fraction of the payload size as H.264 or MP4. Although Mp4 still has its advantages and uses today including support in a large number of devices. H.265 requires specially compiled distributions of software on computers that will encode and decode the video. Bounce Multimedia has extensively studied H.265 and built infrastructure that allows transmitting quickly and reliability the video signal with error correction ensuring error free video transmission.

One of the biggest hurdles is processor encoding power, latency, and quality. With H.264 there is less processor usage, but longer delay due to the intermediary frames that are assembled, this is known as GOP or group of pictures. This is what determined compression level and quality. Relatively speaking the longer the GOP the better the quality but the longer the latency as the processor analyzes the previous frames to create a better picture. That is why the quality is not so great on platforms such as Zoom or Skype or Facebook Messenger, inherently they sacrifice quality to create less delay and have a lower GOP.

H.265 is different and doesn't rely as heavily on past frames if configured correctly in the software. Using hardware acceleration methods such as video cards designed and optimized to handle the video signals, you will find latency can be reduced, quality improved, and a more robust product can be built since the heavily lifting isn't handled by the computer processor(s).

Many companies have claims that they are streaming experts, but are unsure of the consequences and advantages that can be had with tweaking settings of advanced video encoders. The difference is easy to see in the final product... streaming your signal with the best audio and video possible to your viewers is what Bounce Multimedia promises. Contact us to discuss your streaming challenges and how we can help overcome them for your next project.


New Technology for ESPN+

On Halloween 2020 - Oct 31, 2020 at TDECU Stadium on the campus of the University of Houston... Bounce Multimedia deployed their Unit A - Matthew TV Truck for the Cougar vs Knights (University of Central Florida) football game.

Utilizing our experience, we utilized a digital booth kit, NDI Telestrator, Ethernet Controlled PTZ Camera in Booth, and more! Our streamlined methods improved setup times, eliminated many troubleshooting issues, and more. Overall it was a success our innovations made to the overall broadcast in regards to execution and rapid deployment.

Bounce Multimedia has always been adapt to innovation and beta testing, from working as the test truck for the MLB Statcast and Pitchcast systems to a product currently in testing with ESPN3 for a virtual down and distance "yellow" first down line on the screen. Our valuable ideas and experience have helped shaped the landscape of televisions sports as viewers see it, and how our broadcast community uses such devices. Look for our innovations on upcoming productions on ESPN!


Improved Shipping Options

We recently programmed the ability to select various shipping methods for our shippable products. In our effort to provide more efficient service to our customers, and timely delivery of goods. We upgraded to a custom shipping product developed in house to provide which has sped up the ability to ship items faster. Now instead of the 4 stickers for shipping we have one label with all the required info such as sender, receiver address, weight, postage, tracking, dimensions and more. We hope this provides a better experience for our customers. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!


Bounce Multimedia's Travis Brocato Featured on Wise Guys Talk

Check out our owner, Travis Brocato, talking about the state of sports during the COVID-19 era on today's Wise Guy's Talk Podcast.

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